What’s Trending In Kitchen Appliances


When choosing design solutions for your kitchen, one of the main things to consider are trending kitchen appliances.

On one hand, you want your appliances to be practical and user-friendly, while on the other hand, you want to avoid visual clashes or an outdated look.

If you want to create a flawless kitchen area in style with the latest trends, you have to make sure that colors, shapes, and surfaces stay coherent.

Moreover, with smart homes on the rise, there are many high-tech features to explore and draw inspiration from.

So, before you start your kitchen renovation project, take a look at the latest trends in appliances.


The Hottest Trends in Kitchen Appliances


Matte Black

Forget high gloss and super reflectivity – kitchen appliances in matte black stainless steel are all the rage at the moment.

Until recently, this finish was signature for high-end appliances only. Now that manufacturers are bringing it to a wider consumer audience, you can create a modern look in your kitchen while staying on budget.

Black stainless steel is both practical and sleek. It is smudge- and scratch-proof and fits seamlessly into any design style.

On top of that, the matte look gives a warmer and softer appearance to your kitchen space.


Minimalist White

When it comes to appliances, white doesn’t mean outdated anymore.

A lot of famous brands revisit this classic color in their products with contemporary accents, such as high-tech surfaces, stainless steel details and handles, making it a perfect attribute to a minimalist style kitchen.


High Tech Features

You will never suffer the shame of a burnt roast beef again thanks to the innovations in today’s appliances.

Voice-activated smart appliances will make you a multi-tasking star in the kitchen. Furthermore, you can now synchronize an appliance with your phone and monitor it from a distance. Imagine relaxing in the bathtub while baking a cake. Sweet!


Steam Ovens

Steam ovens are a faster and healthier alternative to their traditional counterparts.

Not only do they retain food’s vitamins and minerals, but some models also come with pre-set programs that will adjust the cooking process for best results.

And the best part is that your warm and healthy dinner will be ready at the exact time you set it to.


Vintage is a New Trend

1950s-inspired fridges, microwaves, and dishwashers in bold colors are the latest thing.

So, if you are looking for a retro feel in your kitchen, put a record on and coordinate your appliances in any bright shade your heart desires, ranging from blue, pink and red to yellow and orange.


Fridge Storage Reinvented

No need to worry about chaos in your fridge anymore.

New fridges on the market provide distinct storage zones, including a freezer pocket for boxed pizza, adjustable gallon door bins, tuck-shelf and many other space-saving features.


The Latest Trends in Kitchen Appliances will keep your Kitchen Up-To-Date

Looking to upgrade your kitchen? These latest trends are everything you need to keep it contemporary, practical and chic.