Trending: Spiritual Gardens


If you dream of a private paradise where you can escape everyday stress and feel connected to nature, maybe it is time to plant your own spiritual garden.

Spiritual gardens give you the opportunity to retreat from the busy world outside. They provide a space where you can do some soul-searching, focus on your inner peace or just clear your mind.

So, if you wish to redesign your garden space and bring about a unique sense of tranquility, check out these useful tips and ideas.


Quiet relaxation

In order to attain peace and serenity, you need a particular degree of solitude. Large trees, hedges, or fences covered with trailing plants will diminish the outside noise and will help you relax. If you like the sound of birds chirping, you can add bird feeders and bird baths.


Soothing Water

Water is related to purity and rejuvenation. Depending on the size and capacity of your space, you can add any water features ranging from wells and basins to pools and lakes. A small-scale waterfall or a fountain is a great component that will bring you closer to the calmness of nature. Choose water elements that are easy to maintain and enhance their soothing effect with colorful and fragrant water flora.


Stone Energy

Stone features will add balance and a focal point to your spiritual garden. You can make a stone path leading to a statue representing your core values and beliefs. Or you can accentuate with smaller details, such as stone flower containers or lanterns.

A stone bench is a great idea if you just want to sit for a while and admire the beauty of your sacred garden.


Magical Trees

The rustle of leaves is among the most relaxing nature sounds. Besides providing shade and harmonizing the ambiance of your spiritual garden, trees will also balance the horizontal features in your landscape and add to the aesthetics of the place. A wooden decking or a bridge will further enhance the sense of warmth and coziness.


Calming Plants

When you are designing your spiritual garden landscape, balance is key. Try to include both green plants such as ferns and plantain lily to create a sense of calmness, and blooms for a surprising central point, reminiscent of the unexpected beauty you come across in nature.

Make sure you choose plants that make you feel at ease with your surroundings. Opt for softer and gentler colors, as opposed to bright flowers with sharper fragrance.


Enchanting Details

Now that you have decided on the basic elements and structure of your spiritual garden, think of any other features that will add a more personal ring to it. Whether it would be a section with your favorite perennials, a handmade ornament, solar path lights, or a garden swing, the important thing is to enter a state of inner peace and aesthetic pleasure. You can also set up a special area for quiet evenings with family and friends.


Spiritual gardens are your private retreat where you can get closer to nature and focus on your personal growth. These tips and ideas will help you design the place of relaxation you dream of – use them with creativity to match your own unique personality.