Cement Tiles for Unique Home Decor

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Some trends stand the test of time for a reason. They are just too good to become old-fashioned. With a history in flooring between the 19th and 20th century, cement tiles are making a retro revival.

Featuring elegant floral or geometric motifs and beautiful colors, they help in giving your space a gorgeous modern, yet authentic refinement.

Learn why you need to use Cement Tiles for Unique Home Decor.


Cement Tiles for Unique Home Decor


Why Cement and Not Ceramic?

One of the main advantages of cement tiles is that they can be placed on floors, walls, or even your roof.

They are known for their great durability, strength, and versatility, and are suitable for both residential and commercial environments. On top of that, cement tiles are appropriate for both interior and exterior applications, based on weather conditions.

Ceramic and cement tiles are relatively similar. The more detailed the pieces are, the more expensive they become. However, cement tiles can often be a little cheaper than the ceramic, which makes them the preferred choice for many households.


Easy to Clean

Aside from the long-lasting durability and lower cost, cement tiles are easy to maintain. They should be regularly mopped with clear water.

To make them shine, just add a cap-full of liquid wax and don’t forget to avoid acid cleaners that might damage the surface. Instead, use a fine grain sandpaper with a neutral cleaner to remove any stains.



One of the best parts of using cement tiles is that they can be quite unique.

Most companies give you the opportunity to choose your own colors and patterns to be manufactured. By doing that, you will get exactly what you are looking for.


Easy to Install

Another major benefit of cement tiles is their simple installation. Just like the natural stone montage, it is necessary to dry-lay and pull pieces at random from different boxes during installation. In that way, you will achieve a better distribution and blending of the material.

To ease the grout cleaning process, seal your tile before adhering to act as a grout release.


Appropriate for All Rooms

A major plus of cement tiles is their versatility, which makes them suitable for all rooms in your household.

From bathrooms and kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms, you can experiment with the design and turn these places into functional works of art.

You can also use them around the fireplace or outside in your garden. And since vintage style is back in vogue you will create the feeling of a modern but cozy home!